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About the Competition

Welcome to the Mitchell L. McLean Trial Competition, the premier event that bridges the gap between European and American legal systems! As the only US Law moot in Spain, this competition, organized by the European Law Students Association (ELSA) at IE University, aims to provide European law students with a profound exposure to the intricacies of American law.

This competition is dedicated to the late

Judge Mitchell L. McLean


We've proudly partnered with Perez-Llorca to host our competition.

"This is a great example of your passion, your commitment, and your desire to be better and get engaged with your education."

Eugenia Castrillón Martínez-Bordíu, Vice Dean of IE Law School

Watch the Spring 2024 International Championship



Halfway through the 2024 Spring Term at IE Law School, the first international edition of the Mitchell L. McLean Trial Competition was organized and hosted in collaboration with ELSA France. Teams from renowned universities, such as Science Po, Complutense and Paris Saclay, faced each other in criminal trials, putting to test not only their litigation skills, but also their brief writing, legal research and case law analysis.

Demonstrating exceptional professionalism and expertise, the Petitioner, represented by the Science Po team, performed outstandingly, allowing them to win the highly sought-after 1st place. Following closely at 2nd place was our IE Law School team, who presented equally as high arguments and analysis as Science Po, yet ultimately fell short in the holistic evaluation by the panel of professionals composed of lawyers and professors. Complutense and Paris Saclay have shown an outstanding ability and effort to present persuasive legal arguments on the issue of presidential self pardon as the last pair in the finals.

The Mitchell L. McLean Trial Competition continues to serve as a flagship competition at ELSA IE, providing the opportunity for law students to develop their legal skill by exposing themselves to real-life simulations of the American justice system, expanding their knowledge and broadening their skill-set.


As we head into the planification of the international Spring 2025 edition of the Mitchell L. McLean Trial Competition, we look forward to expanding ELSA IE’s network and horizons by collaborating with more universities on the European scale. 


For Current Participants

Click below to access past materials, rulebooks, or current necessary case materials and other competition resources.


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Maksim Kudinov, MLMTC Chair



25.00 EUR



Image by Bonnie Kittle

About Judge McLean

Judge Mitchell L. McLean was a distinguished member of the legal community, known for his unwavering dedication to justice and public service. He served as the Chief District Court Judge for the 23rd Judicial District of North Carolina, presiding over various criminal and civil cases. On July 3, 2013, tragedy struck when Judge McLean lost his life while attempting to rescue Mary Anne Galway and her husband Edward from a rip tide at Sunset Beach. Despite the risks, Judge McLean selflessly put himself in harm's way to help others in need, a testament to his character and dedication to serving his community.

Judge McLean's legacy continues to impact the legal community, inspiring young people to pursue careers in law and public service, including Dane Chilton, the founding president of ELSA IE University, who credits Judge McLean with inspiring his passion for law at a young age. 

Through his life and selfless sacrifice, he showed the importance of serving others and upholding justice. The Judge Mitchell L. Mclean Memorial Trial Competition is a testament to his legacy, providing a platform to educate and inspire the next generation of legal professionals in his memory.

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