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About ELSA at IE Law School

Empowering law students through prestigious programs and support.

ELSA IE was founded in 2022 by Dane Chilton (IE '25), alongside Jorge Sanjuán Femenía (IE '25), Dalya Droste (IE '23), and Elizabeth Sanchez Chang (IE '23), with a vision to create a dynamic and inclusive community of law students at IE Law School. Within just one semester, ELSA IE quickly emerged as one of the largest and most successful student organizations on campus, with a robust membership and impressive financial performance both domestically and internationally.

At ELSA IE, our core values are centered around fostering a supportive and collaborative community of legal scholars. We believe in promoting excellence in legal education and creating opportunities for students to expand their professional networks, enhance their practical skills, and engage with pressing legal issues. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards in all our endeavors.

Our organization is driven by a diverse and talented team of directors and board members, all of whom are dedicated to creating meaningful and impactful experiences for our members. From our Mock Trial Program to our Law Review, we strive to offer a broad range of opportunities for students to engage with the legal community and develop their skills.

At ELSA IE, we are proud to be a part of the larger ELSA network, which is the largest independent law student association in the world. Our organization is committed to collaborating with other ELSA chapters worldwide to promote international exchange and foster cross-cultural understanding among legal professionals.


Mariano Eduardo Abad Colino



During my internship at GV Legal Control, I assumed a dual role as both a lawyer and a consultant. In the legal department, I provided comprehensive advice and representation to businesses and individuals, executing measures to completion. Simultaneously, in the management department, I engaged in various tasks encompassing accountancy, taxes, administration, and labor affairs.


My responsibilities included daily corporate issues resolution, legal claims management, and financial analysis. I also played a role in company domiciliation, HR activities, and market research. Throughout, I demonstrated strong communication, research, and administrative skills, contributing effectively to GV's operations!

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The ELSA Story

The story of ELSA International begins in 1981 when a group of law students from Austria, Hungary, Poland, and West Germany met to discuss the idea of creating a platform for law students to connect across borders. In 1984, the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) was formally established, and it quickly expanded to include chapters in countries throughout Europe.

ELSA International has since grown into the largest independent law student association in the world, with over 50,000 members in more than 300 local and national groups across 44 countries. The organization is run entirely by law students, and its mission is to provide opportunities for students to engage with the legal community, develop their skills, and promote international exchange and understanding among legal professionals.

At ELSA International, the focus is on providing students with practical experience in the legal field. The organization offers a wide range of activities and programs, including moot court competitions, legal research and writing opportunities, study visits to international organizations and law firms, and workshops and seminars on various legal topics.

In addition to its focus on legal education, ELSA International is committed to promoting human rights and social justice. The organization has established several initiatives, including the Human Rights and Business Project, which aims to promote responsible business practices and human rights protection in the corporate sector, and the Diversity and Inclusion Project, which seeks to promote equal opportunities and combat discrimination in the legal profession.

Through its network of local and national groups, ELSA International has created a vibrant and diverse community of legal scholars, which continues to grow and thrive. The organization is dedicated to promoting excellence in legal education and fostering a supportive and collaborative community of legal professionals around the world.

Our Affiliates, Parents, and Subsidiaries

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Your journey with ELSA starts here.

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Our members stand out.

At ELSA IE, we are perpetually on the lookout for exceptional individuals to join our esteemed program. Whether it is through our highly sought-after Undergraduate Law Internships or our esteemed Law Review Publications, we continuously strive to attract the most exceptional talent.

Our ELSA Members boast an impressive track record of acceptance and attendance at renowned universities worldwide. From prestigious institutions like Yale, King's College of London, Oxford, Northwestern, Duke Law, and many others, our extensive network of accomplished alumni spans across the globe.

As ELSA Members, individuals are provided with abundant opportunities to bolster their resumes, forge invaluable professional connections, and lay the foundation for their future success. We believe in empowering our members by equipping them with the tools they need to excel and stand out in their respective fields.

Join us at ELSA IE, where you can unleash your full potential, gain unparalleled experiences, and chart a course towards a thriving career. Together, let's pave the way for excellence and create a remarkable future.

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